Brunch - Grand Café Paal 26


It is possible to organise a brunch upstairs. You can dine leisurely at your own pace with friends or family from 11h to 15h. To complete the atmosphere we provide a perfect operation. Every Sunday, but also on other days, it is possible to organize a brunch. The food is set out in a buffet style and everyone takes as much as one wishes over 4 hours.

  • fresh daily soup
  • tomato with gray shrimps
  • stuffed tomato monégasque (tuna)
  • beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan
  • Serrano ham with melon
  • Scottish smoked salmon / halibut with red onion
  • tomato mozzarella and basil
  • pink salmon belle-vue
  • fried chicken drumsticks

Also included are a variety of salads, cold sauces, and assortment of breads.
Cold pasta in various ways is possibler.
There is also an option to serve a hot buffet at an additional cost.

  • beef stew with leffe
  • pork tenderloin with whole grain mustard
  • salmon fillet in white wine sauce

A dessert buffet is also a possibility.

  • chocolate mousse
  • tiramisu with speculoos
  • fresh fruit
  • javanais

Reservations will be accepted up to 2 days before the party.