List of dishes - Grand Café Paal 26
List of dishes

List of dishes

If you wish, you can create your own menu. This will naturally be served at the table. When you make a choice from here, we give you 5% discount on the total amount of food.
You can view our menu on the website here and choose your dishes.
Some other dishes (not found on the website) include:

Before and / or between meals

carpaccio of salmon
spicy fried prawns in a sauce of tomato and cream (5)
Shrimp cocktail
sole-fish rolls in a chive cream sauce
pink salmon belle-vue


chicory soup with gray shrimp
asparagus cream soup
vegetable broth
basil onion soup

Main dishes (sauce not included)

lamb chops
butter fish fillet
tilapia fillet

For self-composed menus, a maximum of two different potato dishes are included. There is a choice of fries, potato dumplings, croquettes, pasta, potato gratin, or mashed potatoes.

There is also the possibility to provide a sauce with the dish at € 2.50 pp. Here you can make just one choice. You can choose between the following sauces:
For the meat: creamy mushroom sauce, creamy pepper sauce, béarnaise, whole grain mustard, Stroganoff, Provençale, natural (thick), herb butter or cooked mushrooms.
For the fish: pink pepper, white wine with or without shrimp, mousseline, chives, saffron, lobster or butter.