Cheese buffet - Grand Café Paal 26
Cheese buffet

Cheese buffet

We also provide cheese platters of 150 grams p.p. We can either decide on the selection in collaboration with you we can choose for you. We will put together a mix of goat, soft or smear ripened, washed rind, semi-hard and blue-veined cheeses. We garnish each cheese board with fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruits. A cheese platter is possible for parties of 10 persons or more.

Belgian cheeses

Bleu des Moins (blue-veined cheese with a white rind)
Chimay (both the Grand Classic, Grand Cru as with beer: a smooth, creamy cheese)
Dulses (full and very aromatic cheese with seaweed and a touch of garlic)
Echte Loo (abbey cheese with a spicy taste)
Orval (trappist creamy cheese with a spicy taste)
Rochefort (the soft, creamy and traditional version or a variation with hazelnuts, basil or seaweed)
Brie (fresh cheese, plain or with herbs, garlic, nettle …)
Nazareth (cheese with holes with a mild nutty flavor)
Passendale Bel Age (semi-old and semi-hard cheese with a distinctive flavor)
Herve (soft, creamy cheese)

French cheeses

Camembert de Normandie (very creamy, white cheese)
Caprice des Dieux (soft, creamy white cheese)
Roquefort (blue cheese from Roquefort)
Banon (soft cheese made from goat’s milk)
Morbier (semi-hard cheese from the Jura with a black line formed by a layer of salt and ash)
Ossau-Iraty (full, semi-hard cheese made from sheep’s milk)
Gris de Lille (washed-rind cheese with a very strong taste and smell)
Chaumes (washed-rind cheese with a mild flavor, a classic for the cheese platter)
Cantal (mild flavor reminiscent of pasturage)
Livarot (soft cheese with a spicy taste)

Italian cheeses

Fontina (soft cheese with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor with small holes)
Gorgonzola (veined blue cheese)
Murazzano (short ripened cheese from sheep’s milk)
Mozzarella (soft, tangy, fresh cheese)
Grana pardano (hard cheese with a tangy flavor and pleasant aroma)
Taleggio (soft cheese with a soft red rind)
Bel Paese (creamy and tangy cheese with a golden yellow color)
Pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese with a rich taste)
Caciocavallo (stretched-curd cheese with a piquant touch)
Napoli Contadino (cheese with chopped garlic, olives and sun-dried tomatoes)

Accompanying wines

Cheese and wine go excellently together, provided one takes into account some combination rules.
The flavors of the two natural products must, after all, be in balance.
Here are a few combination principles, and you can also take a look at our winelist:

Fresh cheeses
Serve here a dry, muted red or white wine such as Sancerre or Sauvignon blanc
Soft cheeses
Go for a sophisticated and airy wine: Beaujolais, Bergerac, Bordeaux or Corbières
Semi-hard cheese
The color of wine that you pair with these cheeses does not matter. That being said, you may do well by opting for light, soft and dry wines: Muscadet, Mâcon, Côtes de Provence, Rosé d’Anjou, Beaujolais, Corbières
Hard cheeses
Drink a dry, fruity wine with hard cheeses, such as Sancerre
Blue or ripe cheeses
These kinds of cheeses are best suited to a full bodied red wine: Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Burgundy or Fleuri
Cheeses with a washed rind
The pronounced flavour is suited to a full-bodied wine with a rich flavor: Burgundy, Pomerol or Saint-Emilion